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Before Verizon iPhone 4, Verizon to ship Honeycomb-MotoPad at ces 2011


Before Verizon iPhone 4, Verizon to ship Honeycomb-MotoPad at ces 2011. Tech fans have already set their eyes on a host of high-end gadgets expected to land on upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. A "Honeycomb"powered tablet from Motorola will be the sweet star of the show scheduled next month.

Despite official nods tech media have been cooking rumors of a  4G-ready Android smartphones on Verizon.

According to the  Twitter and YouTube posts of both tech giants the CES will be the plat form to introduce their latest gadgets. The popular wireless carrier has tweeted that Verizon will satisfy Android fans who expect 4G service for their next smartphones. However, the wireless carrier left no clue even on  their CES schedule.

Verizon excited the fans just asking whether the "Jan. 6 at #CES: #Android and #LTE” will be a sweet dish for them. Many had hoped the block buster iPhone will land on Verizon’s just-launched 4G data network. As of now there is nothing official about even on Android smartphones on Long Term Evolution network.

Analysts predict the CES will show a dual-core, Tegra 2-powered Optimus 2X version LG smartphone. The rumor of HTC Mecha or Droid Incredible HD also being circulated while company official, Peter Chou denied any LTE-ready handset from HTC until the second half of 2011. Motorola was little bit crazy to tweet on its "Tablet Evolution" calling it as a call against iPad and Galaxy Tab. The Twitter post included the specs of Motorola-built, Tegra 2-powered Android tablet carrying the trade mark ‘M’. Motorola tried to keep tablet fans excited with a bumper offer of "Honeycomb," the latest Google operating system.

Once the tweets of both Verizon and Motorola meets reality tech fans will get a stunning  4G, Android-powered MotoPad.