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Ripple effect: Verizon iPhone 4 reaches far ahead of its own launch

The Verizon iPhone 4 already has the public dancing for joy and competitors running to stand still, but now its influence has spread to where so many have just assumed it’s coming that the lack of an announcement no longer seems to matter. Verizon customers have opted to hold off on switching to AT&T after all, because they expect the iPhone 4 to fall into their hands in early 2011. AT&T is spending a ton of money in begging the public to believe it’s not just the iPhone carrier. Motorola is already assuring investors it’ll be okay in the Verizon iPhone 4 era, despite the increased competition. And now that ripple effect has spread to Skype as well, with the VoIP company practically running Verizon iPhone advertisements of its own.

Wait, what? Let’s think about what involvement Skype could possibly have with the Verizon iPhone 4. Well, there’s a Skype iPhone app, but that’s yesterday’s news. Maybe Skype is somehow in on this through Verizon contractual channels, as perhaps Skype exclusivity deals had to be reworked or some such. The ad was for Skype video calls, of course. More likely, however, is that Skype has no knowledge regarding the Verizon iPhone one way or the other, and has simply done the same as millions among the general public: assumed it’s coming and made plans accordingly. And in this case, Skype is so comfortable with its assumption that it accidentally allowed it to seep into the company’s public marketing tools.

Of course this is what happens when a product has been unofficially in the wind for so long that, for all the impact its impending arrival is having, it might as well be here already. Here’s more on Verizon iPhone.