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Top iPhone 4 and iPod Touch apps and fixing ITunes app updates process

There are a few silly bugs reported with Apple iTunes and Apple App Store. You might have noticed a few such minor mistakes while trying to download free apps for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac computers from Apple App Store these days.   

For example, once you click on ‘Download All Free Updates’ from ‘My App Updates’ page, you will get a replay like “The information on this page is outdated.” In fact, most often, this message is shown not because the requested information is outdated. It is caused by some technical issues.  

Most of the time, Apple fails to patch up such small glitches on its App Store and iTunes. You can yourself stay away from such issues if you take some attention. Experts have recommended several easily manageable methods to do that.

Bringing several changes in the settings of your device’s app updates options you can simply vie away from many of similar glitches in Apple App Store and iTunes. Even though, it is one of important things Apple ought to do to improve the performance of its App Store and iTunes. 

Analysts request not to keep the Check for Updates button at the bottom of the Apps page. It is a commonly used option that is why it should be kept in a more prominent location in the page. Even a Command-key shortcut can be used to reach to the option.

Enabling automatic notification for updates is another strategy. You can set your device to notify you about new apps once they are surfaced in App Store. It will help you not spend time for manual searching. You can install the required apps when they are being notified by your device.