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Verizon iPhone 4 details too secret even for WikiLeaks assault

WikiLeaks is so good at digging up secret information that it has the power to assault and humiliate (if not quite take down) entire governments. And yet in all seriousness, why hasn’t WikiLeaks thus far been able to uncover anything regarding the forthcoming Verizon iPhone 4? Yes, yes, we know. WikiLeaks is about uncovering secret communicades between governing bodies. But amid all the hoopla regarding WikiLeaks, with its founder on the run and the U.S. government panicking to the point of creating a new government agency literally called “WTF” without realizing that it’s the exact same response most people have had to its overreaction to the situation, what’s been overlooked is that the leaked secrets haven’t contained anything all that surprising. If Julian Assange and company really wanted to stir the pot, really wished to get the public’s attention, they’d get to the bottom of this whole Verizon iPhone 4 secrecy and get us a launch date.

We’re not condoning it, mind you. Steve Jobs wasn’t elected CEO of Apple by the public, and he’s therefore got much more of a right to keep whatever secrets he wants, particularly when they’re trade secrets which could hurt business if exposed prematurely. The minute there’s a firm date on the Verizon iPhone, people stop buying iPhones in the mean time, even if they have no intention of going to Verizon, just because they want to play it on the safe side. But it’s a sign of just how stunningly secretive Apple can be, even in an age when a ragtag outfit like WikiLeaks can penetrate the secret gates of the most powerful governments in the world, no one can get nearly as close to the firm details of the Verizon iPhone 4. Heck, we don’t even know for sure that it’ll be an iPhone 4. We know it’s coming because, well, it’s already out there being tested. But how secretive must that testing process be if, even with it out there in the wild, no one has yet scooped the Verizon iPhone with any details more specific than “it’s coming.”

It kind of makes you wish Apple would give a Verizon iPhone prototype to that forgetful fellow who likes to hang out in a San Jose bar while doing his field testing. Here’s more on Verizon iPhone.