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Verizon iPhone 4 release and day after Christmas Sales 2010

Verizon iPhone 4 release and day after Christmas Sales 2010. After Christmas Sales 2010 Many people are wondering as to how great it would have been had Apple launched its Verizon iPhone during the Christmas season. The launch would have been perceived as holiday gift from Steve jobs the Apple co founder and CEO who has been named as the man of the year.

Steve Jobs who is largely responsible for Apple’s turnaround in the last more than four years has successfully kept people’s interest in his company and its product and has very carefully cultivated a very loyal fan following that buys every Apple products with great and almost religious zeal.

In fact this man who has suffered life threatening disease has come to be known as the top tech CEO eclipsing the likes of Bill Gates and others. He has successfully taken an ailing giant from the brink of collapse to be the biggest tech company in the world.

Apple has left even Microsoft Corporation behind in terms of revenue and profit and this must be very satisfying for Steve Jobs.

In the meantime rumors of Verizon  iPhone launch have once again flooded the tech industry. And people say that with no other Apple product of importance in pipeline the only thing that can further propel Apple forward is the launch of Verizon iPhone

Meanwhile there are enough hints of iPhone launch on Verizon and this include one document that linked Verizon and the iPhone on Skype.

This is the latest hint among the spate of others that have appeared about the near future launch of Verizon iPhone.